SPORTO Recognition 2020

SPORTO Recognition 2020

SPORTO would like to demonstrate the importance of excellence in digital & social media (and individuals behind social media profiles). Using the quote by Lewis Wiltshire, CEO at Seven League & speaker at our SPORTO Online Experience in January: “Digital used to be a cost line for businesses, now it is a revenue driver.” We can add - in sports also...

We present two recognition categories, at our premiere for Slovenia only with the aim to extend to other countries in wider region.

Members of special jury for SPORTO recognition categories are:

Jure Doler - I Engagency, CEO and founder
Luka Maselj - Continental Tires Southeast Europe, Team Lead Marketing Communications B2C
Uroš Svenšek - Agencija 101, Digital Strategist
Marko Cirman – Radio Val 202, Journalist


Marko Grilc

Snowboarder Marko Grilc is a typical representative of the social media generation. Although he did not have much support or attention of his sport associations, he knew how to take advantage of social networks - Instagram and Facebook - to position himself perfectly in his segment (snowboarding as well as skate and bike), which he has been doing continuously for years.

He has as many as 181,000 followers on Instagram and over 37,000 on Facebook. Grilc understands perfectly the social network, the posts are refined, a good mix of top video and photo productions and self-productions, which also includes sponsors (Burton, GoPro, formerly Red Bull). Last but not least, the sponsors proved his excellence as they are mostly internationally large brands that otherwise work with global sports stars.

Marko Grilc is thus a proof and inspiration to many athletes, regardless of the sport which they participate in.



Basketbal club Cedevita Olimpija and Tine Ružič

The communication of Slovenian sports clubs and associations on social networks is at an extremely high level, given the available funds. Good Facebook and Instagram profiles, strong interaction with fans and imaginative posts are not lacking in any sport. The jury was therefore looking for someone in the extremely strong competition who knows how to squeeze the most out of their events. Jury was looking for someone who knows how to make the best digital story out of what’s going on and around the court. This year KK Cedevita Olimpija is the club that has made the biggest step forward in this area.

KK Cedevita Olimpija impressed us with an exceptional sense of content that works on social networks. They are constantly searching for potentially viral moments in matches and trainings that would otherwise go unnoticed. They prepare creative texts full of greasy basketball phrases and attractive video clips that no real fan can pass without liking, commenting or sharing.

All of these are contribution that makes the social networks of KK Cedevita Olimpija something special.



NŠ Mura (project ‘We Are Mura’ fan-engagement & CSR activity)

During the first wave of the epidemic when matches were played in front of empty stadiums, NŠ Mura organized a campaign called "We are Mura" which invited fans to buy virtual tickets and watch the match in 50 restaurants and bars around Murska Sobota instead inside the stadium. For the match scheduled for June 13th 2020 against the team Tabor Sežana, NŠ Mura sold almost 10,000 tickets, which is a record for any match of this first division club in Slovenia.

The campaign mobilized the fan community and encouraged the “safe” gathering of fans in restaurants and bars in local environment, which were affected because of the epidemic. The restaurants where fans gathered represent an environment, which is extremely important for building the fan community. With the “We are Mura” campaign, the NŠ Mura football club project combined fan-engagement, which had a very positive impact on the Covid-19 epidemic in local environment in terms of social responsibility.