Luka Maselj is Head of Marketing at Continental Tires Southeast Europe (11 countries) and has been working for one of the biggest global automotive companies since 2017. Within his diverse, international team he oversees the fields of pricing, business intelligence, technical customer service, and marketing communications – including sponsorship. After starting his professional career as a sports journalist, he, later on, became engaged with public relations and marketing communications/sponsorship. Prior to joining Continental, he has been part of the Sport Media Focus team as a project manager. He was deeply involved with projects such as EuroBasket 2013, SPORTO, boxing world champion Dejan Zavec and various others, also award-winning sponsorship campaigns locally and regionally (Milka and Tina Maze, Telekom Slovenije and Slovenian Olympic Team, etc.). In his current position, he is, among other things, in charge of the regional activation of Continental’s Tour de France 

sponsorship and the local Share the road campaign. Overall, he likes to enjoy life with his loved ones, traveling and eating good food, riding his enduro bike, and playing football with his friends