Kristina Gregorc is Director of Digital & Ecommerce at Mercator. Kristina joined the Mercator Group after completing her studies at the University of Exeter and the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. She started her career in the purchasing department, upgraded it in the marketing department, and at the time she was also assistant to the president of Mercator's board. Now 27-year-old Kristina has been the director of the sector for almost three years, where she leads important projects in the field of digital transformation of the company and is intensively involved in the development of Mercator's digital products, such as the online store and the online content platform M Soseska. Her rapid advancement to the management staff is by no means a coincidence, as Kristina is active in several business areas, and she not only follows trends but also tries to anticipate them and encourage the development of the right products that mean added value for customers and users. 

She received the Websi award Best Digital Leader 2022, but otherwise, in her free time, Kristina is a big fan of music and sports, and she also competed in some sports.