As an industry innovator the wealth of experience Toby has amassed during four decades of working in Sponsorship is almost unique. From his early days of negotiating NFL Player contracts through to orchestrating some of the most complex campaigns at three FIFA World Cup Finals he has evolved as one of experts in the industry. His expertise spans all aspects and genre of brand partnership, but is best known for his expertise in Football where he has negotiated and delivered football rights at every level. He has been an elected Director of The European Sponsorship Association for 15 years, further acknowledgment of his industry standing.

Favourite partnership: LIDL & The Slovenian Disabled Olympic Association 2016 – A truly inspirational partnership!

Favourite sports club: Southampton FC

Favourite athlete/sports personality: Petra Majdič – I had the honour of meeting Petra at SPORTO in 2015. This has had a profound impact on me. I googled her recently and the description that struck me the most is “A serial winner with the humility of a Saint”.

Favourite sports event: The 2012 London Olympics – it was like Christmas every day.

Favourite brand overall: Rapha

Favourite quote: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul!" Nelson Mandela