Peter is Marketing Director at Petrol d.d. He earned his marketing chops as the CRM Lead and Marketing Director in the newly fledged telecoms company Si.mobil, then just poised to take over the market. Ever since, he has adopted the challenger mindset, continuing his career by joining the digital agency Renderspace, soon to become the multiple recipient of the digital agency of the year title. Peter enjoys working with innovative companies; at GoOpti, he upgraded the function of marketing, while his work at Deloitte saw him consult in e-business and the development of new business models, analytics and data management. In addition, Peter is the founder of Dia-Vit Ltd, a company of young researchers that, with the support of Samsung Ventures Europe, is developing the optic technology for non-invasive blood sugar measurements. His interest in sports has grown from teenage fandom to an active role of coach and team manager and finally into a keen interest in the business aspects of the sports industry, more and more part of the entertainment business.