Nataša is a Marketing Manager at Nova KBM and a board member of the Slovenian Marketing Association. With almost thirteen years of experience in the banking sector, of which 9 years in marketing, Nataša Sernc had the opportunity to connect the dynamics of trends with the development of new banking services, be part of winning integrated marketing and communication approaches and implement marketing principles through various strategic projects (bank mergers, strategic partnerships, improving sales efficiency). Along the way, she upgrades and connects marketing content with other knowledge (Innovation school, business skills training) and thus tried to crack some hard nuts from marketing short-sightedness, which is still often rooted today. Valuable professional and life experience also connects her with Italy, where she completed a postgraduate program in banking and entrepreneurship and upgraded her

knowledge in the Brand Management team in the UniCredit Group, equipped with a new perspective in the areas of global brand development and positioning, rebranding and sponsorship activation of UEFA Champions League. She was the part of numerous awarded projects such as Ruler of the world, Ready for tomorrow and Moneta mTerminal.