Matjaž Germ, Creative Director at Agencija 101. In his career, he has participated in many projects in the field of activating sports sponsorships, and he is also active as a consultant for sports communication. Among others, he was part of the communication team for the EuroBasket 2013 project, and this year he is also a member of the jury of the European Sponsorship Awards. He has worked on the projects, which together have already won 6 SPORTO Awards. Matjaž is obsessed with Wikipedia, so an important part of his memory is dedicated to “useless knowledge”, such as where Pierre van Hooijdonk started his career or who Joe Arlauckas is. In addition to a varied agency life, he is also a lecturer, workshop worker and consultant to various organizations and startups. In his spare time, he writes a book, is a fan of picking flowers, a sports fan, and during the pandemic times he also became one of the few true fans of the Belarusian Football League.