Lidija˙s twenty years of work in marketing are similar to those of an athlete who trains hard, tries new paths, is always goal-oriented, has incredible inner motivation, and is in love with sports. Lidija started her career as a media planner, continued as a media strategist and project director, including for the Hervis sports store, in charge of acquiring new business in an advertising agency. As head of advertising at Lidl, she co-created the winning project at SPORTO Awards 2016 with the Paralympians, which also competed in London for the ESA Award, organized by the European Sponsorship Association. She also managed marketing and sales at the Slovenian ski resort Golte, where the challenge was how to expand the activity from a winter destination known mainly as a ski resort to a summer hiking and cycling destination. She provides sports and sustainable support as a Marketing Director at Merkur, where they support Slovenian

skier Štefan Hadalin, the Merkur Maribor volleyball team and local clubs. With her marketing passion, PR knowledge and focus on advanced digital solutions she helps upgrade the Merkur brand, which will be 125 years old next year. Brand survived two world wars and several crises so Lidija firmly believes that it will endure this last one related to Covid-19 and continue in a sporting spirit going forward